TECNOIL 200 IF - Three Phase Vacuum Cleaner

Tecnoil 200 IF is a powerful industrial vacuum, designed to collect and filter large amounts of oil and metal chips. This machine is equipped with a side channel turbine that makes it perfect even in case of heavy and continuous service. This vacuum guarantees significant savings by cleaning and recovering several times lubricant and cutting oils.


  • One single machine to vacuum, separate and recover or dispose the cutting oil mixed with metal chips
  • Three phase side channel blower, suitable for continuous duty
  • Compact and maneuverable, perfect for use in narrow spaces
  • 100% steel construction
  • Liquids level control with automatic motor switch off through pressure detector, and visual level detector
  • Detachable wheeled container with integrated chip basket, transportable and spillage-proof.
  • Swiveling suction inlet for user friendly handling of suction hose
  • Fast discharge system of the collected liquids (reversed airflow system, 150lt/ min)
  • Oil mist and nebulized particles separation system, thanks to the Superweb 3D double layer polypropylene filter
  • Specific oil proof wheels and gaskets


Filtration system with mechanical protection against oil-mists place between the motor and collection container:

  • 3D Superweb Filter in PPL with internal fabric (20 micron efficiency)