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TECNOIL 400 T43 - Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Oil recycling unit to separate oil & chips from CNC machines. Inbuilt reverse airflow system of Tecnoil 400 if ensures discharge of oil back to the sump of CNC machine. Available in Three phase (4Kw) side channel blower as standard. 400 litres tank capacity & 50 litres of Metal chips collection basket integrated with tilting hopper, Equipped with 3D superweb oil mist filter.

Three Phase 230 V 6 HP (4.5 KW), 400 litres Liquids and 50 litres solids capacity oil and chips vacuum cleaner with discharge system through an immersion pump. Max and min automatic level control switch and level indicator hose. Integrated tilting hopper with sieve grid basket for solid/liquid separation. High capacity collection tank.