Roots Multiclean Ltd offers wide range of Janitorial solutions from Basic Domestic Mops,Caddy Baskets, Sign Boards,Wringer Trolleys,Janitorial Carts, Garbage Bins & comprehensive range of Microfiber System.

  • Ezeclean Neo Wet N Dry Mop

    Industrial Cleaning Mops Supplies
  • Ezeclean Sleek Wet N Dry Mop

    Industrial Mops for Cleaning
  • EZE Clean Dry Mop 100cms

    Industrial Flat Mop
  • EZE Clean Wet N Dry Mop 75cms

    Dust Mop
  • Insert Plus 100cms

    Industrial Flat Mop Head
  • Plus Insert 75cms Blue

    Best Commercial Mop Heads
  • Insert Sleek

    Janitorial Dust Mop India
  • Multi Purpose Brush (Fan Brush)

    Cleaning Products
  • Eze Wiper with Handle

    Floor Cleaning Brush With Handle
    • Other Range of Janitorial Solutions
      • Chromed V sweeper handle

        Dust Mop
      • Cotton Sweeper handle

        Dust Mop
      • V sweeper metal frame

        Dust Mop
      • Wet system flat mop

        Dust Mop
          • Curved Web Brush

            Dust Mop
          • Posh Microfibre cloth

            Dust Mop
          • Round web Brush

            Dust Mop
          • Caddy Tray - Green

            Plastic Carry Caddy
          • Signage Yellow,

            Sign Board Manufacturers in Coimbatore
          • Wiper 45/55 - Green

            Floor Wiper Manufacturer
          • Kentucky Mop

            Plastic Dust Mop Kentucky
          • Micro Fibre

            Microfiber Wet Mop Heads
          • Aluminium Handle

            Commercial Mop Handles
          • Combie 35

            Industrial Cleaning Equipments
          • Action-Pro Yellow 30 L Bucket

            Mop Bucket Wringer
          • NICK LIGHT - 2x25 L Trolley

            Domestic Cleaning Trolley
          • Bucket Eroy 28 L

            Janitorial Products Manufacturers
          • Plastic Frame Wet System Light

            Plastic Dust Mop Frame
          • Wet System Flat Mop

            Flat Wet Mop
          • Applicator Bio Pro with Valcro Frame

            Janitorial Dust Mop
          • Broom "SUSY" with 110 cm Handle

            Floor Cleaning Mop India
          • Duster

            Industrial Cleaning Duster
          • Alumn Telescopic Handle

            Spin Mop Stick
          • Telescopic Pole 3 Pcs (3x200 cm)

            Industrial Mop Handles
          • Telescopic Pole 3 Pcs (3x300 cm)

            Mop Handle
          • Hand Frame with Velcro

            Industrial Scrub Brushes
          • Clean Glass Microfibre Heads

            Glass Microfiber Heads
          • Aluminium Handle and Ergonomic Grip Support

            Janitorial Equipments
          • Broom for Dust pan

            Long Handled Dustpan and Brush
          • Green 150 Blue

            Janitorial Suppliers India
          • Dust Export - 150 L

            Garbage Trolley
          • Magic hotel 810B BASIC

            Hotel Cleaning Equipment
          • Magic hotel 850B SAFETY

            Janitorial Trolley
          • Lid & Sack bag Extra

            Janitorial Trolley
          • Lid & Sack bag Extra

            Janitorial Trolley
          • 120 L BINS

            Industrial Dustbin Supplier
          • 240 L BINS

            Industrial Dustbin Manufacturers
          • 660 L BINS

            Industrial Dustbin With Wheels
          • 1100 L BINS

            Industrial Bins on Wheels
          • Dustie Frame 40cm

            Janitorial Trolley
          • Dustie Frame 60cm

            Janitorial Trolley
          • Other 40

            Janitorial Trolley
          • Other 60

            Janitorial Trolley
          • Kit Pro in clean in box