Sweeping is the function performed to clear a floor, road or surface of dirt, litter or the like by the means of a broom or brush. Soil and debris that are allowed to accumulate on the surface can become hazardous. Sweeping is an effective means of removing the soil and debris and hence reducing the risk.

Roots Multiclean Ltd offers various kinds of effective sweeping machines for variety of industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning requirements from simple walk behind push sweeper having the sweeping with of 650mm, and area coverage of 2600m2/hr to high performance Truck Mounted City Sweepers and & Airport Runway Sweepers having the sweeping with of 3000mm and the area coverage of 30000m2/hour.

Our comprehensive range of Sweepers caters to numerous industrial cleaning applications.


Walk behind sweepers are simple sweeping machines preferred for their excellent maneuverability. Walk behind Sweepers are also known as manual sweepers; with their small capacity Hopper and simple design, these machines are extremely easy to operate and are a preferred choice for sweeping small/ medium sized areas and places with more foot falls.

Roots Multiclean Ltd offers a choice of simple push behind and Battery operated, Traction enabled machine under Walk behind sweepers' category.


Ride-on Sweepers are preferred for sweeping medium and large areas especially in industrial floors.

These sweeping machines are operated with the help of Battery or Diesel Power. With their wide sweeping path, large collection Hoppers and in-built powerful vacuum system and larger filter surface area, Ride on Sweeping machines are designed for high productivity. Ride-on Sweepers offer excellent sweeping performance even under challenging circumstances.


As the name suggests, these are Sweeping Kits mounted on a Truck. Truck mounted sweeping machines are preferred and the right choice for Municipal Corporations, large Manufacturing units and Townships with lengthy roads which need proper and regular maintenance.

Thanks to the robust and rugged construction, the machine offers excellent sweeping performance even in challenging working conditions in Ports, Container terminals & Manufacturing units apart from highways. In addition to regular Truck Mounted Sweepers which offers excellent road cleaning, we also offer Regenerative type sweepers and Airport runway sweepers with unique features and unparalleled performance.


Civic Bodies face a real challenge of maintaining cleaner and safer roads free from fine sands. Fine sand that gets accumulated near the center median and on either side of the roads. Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) engage conservancy workers, who manually sweep and accumulate sand mounds near the center median. However the constant vehicle movement dissolves the mounds by pushing the sand back on to the road, giving a tough time to motorists.

Also known as City Sweepers, the Truck Mounted Sweepers come as a boon and a great solution in resolving this day to day challenge faced by Municipal Corporations in ensuring cleaner and safer Roads for motorists to commute…

Selecting the right mechanized sweeping machine for large & challenging areas like Municipalities, Manufacturing units always need careful consideration .Various factors including Optimum cost, Service Back up, Training the staff on machine usage, consistent support and more importantly including experience in Indian Cleaning Industry are to be considered..