With the help of Disc Brushes or Floor Pads for mechanical action combined with water and detergent, the Scrubbing machine scrubs/scrapes and cuts the dirt to remove it.

The in-built suction of scrubber driers supports immediate drying of the floor. A floor scrubber drier not only uses less water, but also ensures excellent cleaning performance when compared with conventional mopping systems. Further, with the choice of Walk behind & Ride on Scrubber Driers, one can choose the apt machine that suits the area to be cleaned/hour.

Roots Multiclean Ltd’s stable consists of a wide range of Scrubbers and Scrubber Driers including mini scrubbers, Single Disc Machines, Walk behind & Ride on Scrubber Driers comprising a comprehensive range of machines for a range of industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning requirements. Our Scrubbers are backed by critical research and design insights to suit challenging Indian conditions.


Mini Scrubbers are robust, lightweight and versatile Floor Scrubbing machines meant for quick cleaning. With easy and simple controls, these mini scrubbers are highly maneuverable and come handy to clean even difficult to access areas like staircases, vanity counters and under the tables. Mini Scrubbers are used for regular maintenance of multiple floor surfaces.


Single disc machines are versatile and multipurpose machines used for maintenance and cleaning of all types of floors. As the name implies, the machine has a single disc which rotates and a pad or brush attached to this disc helps in effective cleaning of floors surface.Our single disc machines can be used for floor cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, marble/granite restoration, crystallization, buffing, etc.