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Making India Clean With Innovative Cleaning Machines

In the cement Manufacturing plant, dust levels are high and the employees exposed too much into the contaminants and chemicals in the air during working hours. Considering the workers on the cement factory, dust samples were taken to research the cement dust on the manufacturing plants to reduce toxic emittance in the air.

The study says that the employees would be prone to attack by respiratory illness and other health hazards. At that particular time, only a few cleaning methods were adopted and more of human power was put to clean the whole factory along with a few machines that couldn’t do much on its own.

Hence, together Roots Multiclean Pvt Ltd and Cement Factory in Madukarai came into collaboration to take the first step towards preventing dust and thereby aiming towards the mission of a cleaner India and also protect employees first seeming to be the backbone of the factory.

The cement factory has customized solutions including plant roads, Crusher, Cement Mill and packaging Section.
Self Propelled Mechanical Sweepers were used for maintenance of Cement Plant Roads- Interior & Exterior with Area performance – 17000 Sq. Mtrs 14000 Sq, Mtrs / Hr & Hopper capacities – 0.6 Cu. Mtrs Equipment includes MACRO M60, MACROM40, RHINO RD 160, DG 70, DGVL 150SE, DG 300 HD, RSV – 5000, other Centralised Vacuum System, Flame Proof Vacuum Systems for Sens, Comprehensive range of products & Solutions.

In addition to it, Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum was utilized in the Cement Mill & Crusher Plant and Flameproof Vacuum System was used for the sensitive area.

Roots machines are put into effect, the entire cement factory has turned out to be new, clean and a dust-free environment paving way for a cleaner nation. Thanks to the cement plant located in the Coimbatore region.