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Unveiling The RootsSweep RB120 – The Gen-Nxt Superior Sweeper.

Roots Multiclean Ltd is proud to launch the All New RootsSweep RB120.

Mr.J.Krishna Kumar, Director – Sales & Marketing (Domestic & Exports) officially unveiled the machine on 7th September 2021.

The RootsSweep RB120 is a Gen-Nxt sweeping machine with impeccable features. While the wide sweeping path supports faster cleaning, the large hopper ensures continuous sweeping with area performance up to 12,400 m2/h. The ease of use and manoeuvrability allows quick cleaning of the indoor and outdoor area in all premises and supports higher productivity.

The RootsSweep RB120 is a Battery operated compact and user-friendly Ride-on sweeper powered with impeccable features. Some of the Best in class features are highlighted below.

1. Hydraulic Dumping System
2. CAN Bus Control with display
3. Variable Drive Speed
4. Dust Suppression System