Roots Scrub HD430 Heavy Duty Single Disc Machine

  • Heavy Duty Single Disc machine for Scrubbing, Polishing, Stripping & Shampooing.
  • It’s unique design, together with it’s robustness makes it as a preferred machine for all your cleaning needs.
  • Heavy Duty motor for high performance & efficiency.
  • Variety of brushes & pads to suit different types of cleaning tasks.
  • Safety Switch to prevent accidental start of the machine.
  • Inbuilt cable holder to store away the cable when not in use.
  • Easy to use adjustable handle.
  • Non marking wheels for easy transportation.


  • Scrubbing Width
    430 mm
  • Motor power
    1.5 Hp
  • Power supply
    230/50 V/Hz
  • Brush speed
    165 rpm
  • Solution Tank
    10 L
  • Cable length
    15 m
  • Weight
    46 Kg