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A mini floor washer is a cleaning tool that may replace standard mops and buckets to clean surfaces effectively. They work to apply the cleaning solution, scrub the surfaces vigorously, and then quickly dry them. Mini floor washers greatly accelerate the cleaning process compared to traditional methods of cleaning.

While using the device, the mini floor washer puts in a lot of effort to clean the floors. First, the scrubber will disperse water inside the brushes to use the cleaning agent more effectively. It will then proceed through its solution tank and arrive at the solenoid valve. The water will then be recovered and sent to the recovery tank using a combination of the squeegee and the scrubber’s powerful suction mechanism. The mini floor washer may dry floors, thanks to the Squeegee system.

The dispensing (solution) and recovery (collection) tanks should be emptied and carefully cleaned to prevent dirt buildup after each use of the mini floor washer. To avoid dirt accumulation, rinse the pads, brushes, vacuum hose and squeegee.