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In order to utilise a ride-on floor scrubber, the user must be seated on the machine.

Scrubber dryers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes for use in small- to medium-sized spaces, as well as the biggest models for use in extremely large places like the most advanced industries and logistical hubs.

The smallest floor scrubbers tend to be walk-behind models so that the operator can manoeuvre the unit quickly and exert complete control. Our ride-on scrubber dryers have an inbuilt safety feature of automatic speed reduction while turning. Parking brakes, Emergency switch for safe and secure operation are some added features. However, ride-on scrubber dryers are the ideal models for the most effective cleaning in vast expanses.

A precise amount of liquid detergent is applied by the ride-on scrubber dryer underneath the machine’s front within the brush itself. The surface is scrubbed using rotary brushes, and the contaminated liquid is sucked up by squeegee and stored in a holding tank at the back. The strong ambition nearly dries the floor. Ride-on scrubber dryers are best suited for massive areas.