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Among the different types of floor cleaning devices, the walk-behind scrubber drier is the one which is operated with your feet on the ground. The person operating these machines walks behind the device while gripping the handle to manoeuvre the scrubber. Walk-behind scrubbers are also known as pedestrian scrubbers.

There are traction-equipped and unequipped walk-behind floor scrubbers. While machines with a drive motor may have their forward speed adjusted and regulated from the handle, scrubber-dryers without traction move forward due to the rotation of the scrubbing brush as they are self-driven.

Walk-behind scrubber dryers are high-efficiency machines featuring washing, suction, drying, and scrubbing capabilities. It is very manoeuvrable, excellently guided, and easy to steer.

For effective cleaning of medium-sized spaces, such as in shops, and halls, as well as hallways and aisles, and on floors of various facilities, walk-behind scrubber driers are ideal.

Walk-behind scrubber driers are compact in design with more flexibility, and less weight, and easy to handle.