Diesel Operated Heavy Duty Industrial Ride on Sweeper

Rhino RD 160 is a robust and rugged industrial sweeper for challenging sweeping application. Maximize cleaning productivity with the sweeper’s wide cleaning path, large hopper capacity and ergonomic operator features. Withstands harsh operating conditions due to robust build quality. High fuel efficient diesel engine with hydraulic drive. Unique Debris Compact System (DCS) to maximize hopper capacity. Rear Wheel steering & elevated operator seat for easy maneuverability. Area Performance up to 17,300 m2/hr.

  • Ideally suited for heavy duty Industrial applications.
  • Large Hopper for extended sweeping.
  • Efficient large filter surface area for effective & continuous dust absorption.
  • Wider sweeping path, maximum productivity.
  • Robust construction ideally suited for challenging terrains.
  • Effective sweeping of dirt, dust, metal chips, bolts, wood and the likes.
  • Headlamps for safe operation in low lit areas.
  • High performance hydraulic system for both machine function and driving.
  • Rear view mirror, reverse horn and tail lamps are fitted as standard accessory for operator convenience and safety.
  • Driver’s cabin is available as an option.
  • Proven fuel efficient diesel engine.
  • Debris compact system.


  • Length without side broom
    2640 mm
  • Width without side broom
    1580 mm
  • Height (up to canopy)
    2320 mm
  • Dead weight
    1865 kg
  • Sweeping width with one side broom
    1650 mm
  • Theoretical sweeping performance
    17325 m²/hr @ 10.5 km/hr
  • Gradability
  • Filter area
    12 m²
  • Main broom length / Dia
    1220 / 360 mm
  • Side broom diameter
    660 mm
  • Hopper volume
    640 liters
  • Dump height
    1400 mm
  • Type
    Mahindra 275TU-Diesel
  • Cubic capacity
  • Rated power
    28.7KW/39 HP