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We are a leading manufacturer of Truck Mounted Sweeper in India. Our products are designed to maintain optimum levels of performance at all times of operation.

Roots Multiclean Truck Mounted Sweepers are ideal road sweeping machines which is mounted on a truck chassis. It is used to sweep Major roads in cities, municipalities, and private companies, wherever everyone benefits from truck-mounted sweepers’ versatility. We set standards to design for efficient street cleaning, making it an extremely economical all-rounder.

Being the leader in truck-mounted sweeping machine manufacturers, Roots Multiclean attracts customers from all industrial segments such as Airports, Defence, Steel plants, Coal Handling Plant, Ports, Mines, etc.

We are specialized in manufacturing a wide range of high-quality truck mounted road sweeping machines in India to meet our clients’ demands and expectations in India and overseas. We also offer the airport runway sweeper (RS-RW6000) which is fast and efficient in sweeping the Runways.