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Sweep compact spaces that have small or medium areas with our walk-behind sweepers. Roots walk-behind sweepers have a suitable cordless design for manual operation. Roots commercial walk-behind sweepers are perfect for both indoor and outside sweeping applications.

Roots Multiclean designs and manufactures a wide range of walk-behind sweepers and ride-on sweepers for indoor and outdoor applications of any size, so it is easy to find the perfect machine for your requirement.

Whether you need a walk-behind sweeper for compact spaces or a Battery Operated Sweeper for large areas, the Roots brand provides long-lasting machines with excellent cleaning performance. Take sweeping performance to the next level with roots Battery Operated Sweeper.

We help our customers clean faster and better with a hassle-free machine and lasts a lifetime. Therefore, all our sweepers are designed to be productive, reliable, and easy to maintain, helping you achieve unparalleled results quickly and effectively.