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Our cleaning solutions for public area

Hotels and Resorts:

Hygiene is the face of hospitality, every year residential business spend a huge sum of
money in keeping their premises clean, because it takes loads of manpower to constantly
monitor and keep them free from littering cause by their residing customers.

With the help of our comprehensive range of cleaning solutions, we assure enhanced cleaning performance, and reduced time & effort.

Railway Stations:

More than thousands of passengers walk through these platforms daily. The process of maintaining cleanliness in these large structures of transport can be made easier with help of technology.

To clean platforms, our walk behind and ride on scrubber driers offer effective cleaning. The inbuilt suctions system supports the immediate drying of floor, ensuring passenger’s safety.

Like floor cleaning it is also essential to keep other high traffic areas like washrooms, ticket counters etc…. we offer ideally suited machines like High pressure jet cleaners, Sweepers and Mops & Trolleys to look clean and good.

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