Macro M60

Roots Multiclean offers reliable and proven City sweeper – Macro M60. The Sweeper uses mechanical power of the brush to pick up the debris, as well as the vacuum fan to filter fine particulates and clean without raising dust.

The combination of automotive and hydraulic sector technologies, balanced with human experience and creativity, makes the Macro M60 an easy-to-use and environmentally friendly machine, also featuring low management and consumption costs.


Sweeping Width


  • With central roll brush only
    1300 mm
  • With central roll brush and right-hand side brush
    2000 mm
  • With central roll brush and 2 side brushes(standard)
    2700 mm
  • With central brush, 2 side brushes and 3rd front brush(opt)
    3600 mm

Hopper and Water Tank


  • Hopper volume
    6 m3
  • Net homologated payload
    6000 kg
  • Hopper dumping height
  • Water tank capacity (with optional water spraying system)
    620 l / opt(1220 l)

Engine and Drive System


  • Volvo Penta Diesel Engine Tier3A Intercooler Water Cooled
    110 kW/150m cv
  • Driving system
  • Maximum speed
    42 km/l
  • Maximum gradient full load
    >20 %

Other Features


  • Turning radius
    4430 mm
  • Steering system
    4-wheel power st.
  • Full load weight (without/with 3rd front extendable brush)
    13250 / 13400 kg