Roots Scrub E4043

E4043, the all new walk behind scrubber drier is a perfect blend of performance, ease of use and technology.

E4043 offers the flexibility and maneuverability and is aimed at efficient cleaning every time.The enhanced tank capacity offers longer and uninterrupted operation. Designed for demanding and cleaning applications.E 4043 is the right machine for customers seeking combination of performance and maneuverability & affordability.

  • Ergonomically designed – comfortable to operate.
  • Enhanced Tank capacity – Ensures longer and uninterrupted working hours.brake system – turning made easy.
  • Collision protection, deflector rollers ensures protection to machine
  • Drip Controller Avoids Water Spillage on the floor from the squeegee after switching off the Vacuum motor.
  • Large Tanks of 40 Liters ensures extended operation
  • Aqua Stop System acts reduces spin of water from the brush deck, thereby ensuring excellent cleaning performance and support saving of water and detergent.
  • Ideal machine for Shopping Malls,Corporate Offices,Hospitals, Educational Institutions,Metro Stations, Places of Worship etc