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Roots DG70 - Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


The DELFIN DG 70 line is provided with a filter surface up to 30,000 cm² and air load on filter according to BIA standards to maximize the efficiency, vacuum performance and lifetime of the machine. Absolute filters (99.995% Efficiency) are provided for filtering toxic dust.


The DELFIN DG 70 line is provided with side channel blower which is selected among the world’s best manufacturers, to improve the quality and performance. They are powerful, silent and suitable for continuous and heavy works. They don’t require maintenance and they don’t wear since there is no transmission system.


The DELFIN DG 70 line is designed to draw in dust, liquids and solids at the same time. The releasable wheeled container aid in easy emptying of the collected material. The external filter shaker keeps the vacuum performance and the filtration efficiency maximum during operation.


  • Voltage
    400 V / 50 Hz
  • Power
    5.5 KW
  • Max. Vacuum rate
    3000 mm.H2O
  • Max. Air flow
    600 cu.m/hr
  • Filter type
  • Filter surface (pocket filter)
    30,000 cm.sq
  • Filter surface (optional Hepa filter)
    52,500 cm.sq
  • Filter effeciency
    >3 micron
  • Capacity
    100 L
  • Suction inlet
    80 Ø
  • Protection
    IP 55
  • Noise level
    74 db(A)
  • Insulation
    Class F
  • Dimensions
    64 x 114 cm
  • Height
    154 cm
  • Weight
    153 kg