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Ways to use High Pressure Jet Cleaners

Many manufacturing units and commercial places are facing challenges to get rid of the dirt on a regular basis. We’re sure no one likes the sight of dirty surroundings. We at Roots Multiclean Ltd aim to solve the cleaning problems by providing a comprehensive range of High-Pressure Jet Cleaners (HPJC), as we know the importance of cleanliness.

Before starting with some facts let us know about:

1. What is a High-Pressure Jet Cleaner?

2. Applications of HPJC

1. What is a High-Pressure Jet Cleaner?

High-Pressure Jet Cleaner is a machine that directs the water at high pressure through a hose to remove the dust, grime, mud, mildew, and mold from surfaces.It may use either cold or hot water which is available in electric and diesel can reach up to the pressure of 130 – 250 Bar.

2. Applications of High-Pressure Jet Cleaner

HPJC is an excellent way to clean all your tenacious patches of dirt from industrial and commercial areas. It can be used in a wide variety of applications such as Food Industries, Automobile Service stations, Pavements, and Washrooms.

2.1 Food Industries:

Regular maintenance in these sectors is a top priority. At first, equipment may look clean, but actually, it requires high standards of cleanliness. To remove the residues from these surfaces High-Pressure Jet Cleaner is an ideal solution that helps to minimize harmful bacteria and germs in the food industry.

In addition, removing fatty and oily contaminants in the food processing unit is not an easy task and it needs additional attention. So using a High-Pressure Jet Cleaner, especially hot water, does not mean only cleanliness but also is an essential tool for reducing germs.

2.2 Automobile service stations:

Modern cars require advanced care and service to maintain longevity in providing efficient performance for a longer period. It is very much essential to clean every single square in on the surface to ensure the vehicle is lustrous. So, these High-Pressure Jet Cleaners can produce enough force to take care of the process effectively.

Grease and stains caused by undergoing several tasks can be a sign of good work done by the caretaker, but it’s wise to keep this clean constantly. In this case, High-Pressure Jet Cleaner pressured stream of free-flowing liquid can do the job for you.

2.3 Pavements, and Washrooms:

Keeping these areas can be such a laborious task. Because unlike previous mentions these parts of the building are larger in size and keeping them clean on a daily basis is of utmost significance in a place filled with people.

With the use of High-Pressure Jet Cleaners, the job can be done in a swift with proper accuracy in the eradication of microorganisms. Also, it’s quite easy to get the work done within a short span.

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