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Reasons why you need a Scrubber Drier?

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has called for an increased level of cleanliness and hygiene at public spaces such as Shopping centers, Malls, Airports, Railway stations, Hotels & Resorts, etc… where thousands of people commute regularly.

Cleaning commercial and industrial floors with high traffic is always a challenging task. To overcome this cleaning challenge, Roots Multiclean Ltd offers a wide range of scrubber driers that are efficient and offer excellent cleaning results.

In this blog, we talk about what scrubber driers are and what are their benefits.

What is Scrubber Drier?

Scrubber driers are machines that can perform both operations scrubbing and drying in a single pass. With the help of brushes/pads combined with water and detergents, even stubborn dirt is removed from the floor effectively. Available in 2 choices, Walk Behind and Ride-On, and choice of Battery & Mains operated are available too.

Benefits of scrubber driers:

Now, that you have an idea about scrubber drier machines, let us know some benefits of scrubber driers:

Faster Cleaning:

To clean large spaces like Malls, Airport terminals is not an easy task, where thousands of footprints are left on the floor on daily basis. It can be easily overcomed by our Scrubber Driers. The inbuilt suction supports immediate drying of the floor. A floor cleaning machine uses less water and supports immaculate cleaning and removes all dirt from the floor which catalyzes maximum productivity.

Based on the area to be cleaned, you can choose either walk-behind or ride-on models, which can complete the cleaning task in a short span compared to a conventional mopping system. We offer a wide range of scrubber driers including, RootsScrub E4043, E/B4545, E/B4550, E/B6050, and RB650/750/850/RB950. Our expert team would recommend you the right solution, based on your site conditions.

Area Coverage:

From compact to large models, our scrubber driers offers a wide scrubbing path that covers area between 1720 – 6175 sq.m/hr.

High standards of cleanliness can be easily achieved. The wide scrubbing path ensures the effective and efficient cleaning of all types of hard floors in an easy manner. The extra brush load applied on the floors helps to remove the hard stains. Our scrubber driers are built to deliver supreme cleaning results even under challenging conditions.


The compact walk-behind scrubber driers and robustly constructed ride-on scrubber driers guarantee a high degree of maneuverability. These machines can be easily handled and it gives the operator an excellent view of the cleaning area. The brushes or floor pads can be exchanged at one press of a button. The squeegee lips can be removed easily without the help of tools.


So, now you will have an idea of Scrubber Dryer machines. To know more about our scrubber drier product line up visit our website

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